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Spanish - H2S Certification and Respiratory Protection Train (H2SOBOWSP)     
Course Information
This class meets revised ANSI/ASSE Z390.1-2017 standard in mitigating risks associated with H2S exposure industry wide. Learn what Hydrogen Sulfide is, where you can find it, properties, how it can harm, signs and symptoms of exposure, methods to detect, how to control it, and emergency procedures to follow.

Learning Objectives:
• Name the requirements of a respiratory protection program
• Recognize the levels at which to wear the specific type of respirator
• Recognize the regulations and standards related to H2S
• Describe the sources, hazards and effects of H2S and SO2
• Name the characteristics, chemical and physical properties of H2S and SO2
• Recognize engineering controls, safe work practices, and PPE to prevent exposure
• Identify an Emergency Plan for H2S
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Course Details
Course Code: H2SOBSP
Course Length: 4 hours

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