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Slip Simulator™ Training     
Course Information
Since 1999 deaths from falls have increased by 233%. The NDSC’s new Slip Simulator training can help reduce slip, trip, and fall incidents by up to 70%. This course goes beyond the classroom to give people a safe environment to learn techniques to improve stability and reduce the risk of falling.

With the Slip Simulator not only do you learn proper slippery surface walking techniques firsthand, but you have a fun and engaging learning experience that ensures you remember it.

This course is useful for all age groups and can mimic real-life conditions from the workplace to home. Before participating be advised there are several health issues that could be exacerbated by using this simulator.

Students should speak to the trainer if any of the below are an issue.
• Recent injuries or surgeries
• Muscle sprains or strains
• Pregnancy
• Heart conditions
• 310-pound weight limit
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Course Details
Course Code: SSSTMT
Course Length: 2 hours

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