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Trenching and Excavation Safety - Distance Learning     
Course Information
The Trenching and Excavation Safety course is designed to help you understand the duties and responsibilities of the employer and employee. It will help workers identify hazards involved with trenching and excavation activities, how to protect employees from those hazards and key elements of the Excavation standard issued by OSHA. Upon course completion, students will understand the importance and duties of a competent person in excavation work and have the knowledge required performing these duties.

By the end of this course, students will:
• Understand the hazards within an excavation.
• Know how to control or eliminate those hazards.
• Know what can affect safety within an excavation.
• Learn OSHA regulatory requirements for excavations.
• Know the employer’s and Competent Person’s responsibilities.
• Understand the requirements for Protective Systems in an excavation.
• Know the different types of soil and the methods for determining soil types.
• Understand the proper sloping and benching configurations.
• Know the different types of shielding and shoring used in excavations.
• Understand how to apply learning on the job.

Participation in the course will require the following:
Computer with reliable Internet access (Laptops and desktop computers only.)
Speakers and a built-in microphone or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
Web browser
Facility Advertised pricing
Registration $150.00 member $175.00 non-member
Course Details
Course Code: DLTRNCH
Course Length: 4 hours

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