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Compliance Rescue Refresher     
Course Information
Prerequisites: Urban/Industrial Rescue Essentials or Industrial Rescue I/II

A real emergency demands rescue proficiency. To maintain proficiency, refresher training and regular practice drills are vital. OSHA 1910.146 requires that rescue team members practice making permit space rescues at least once every 12 months from actual or representative confined spaces. NFPA 1670 states that teams must undergo an annual performance evaluation, and NFPA 1006 says individuals shall demonstrate competency on an annual basis. Roco’s Compliance Rescue Refresher™ course includes hands-on practice as well as problem-solving confined space and elevated scenarios to keep your team updated and prepared for response. To maintain individual skills as well as team proficiency, we recommend monthly “in-house” practice combined with quarterly sessions.

Required Equipment and Suggested Attire
CDC guidelines will be followed and masks provided for times when physical distancing is not possible. Students should wear comfortable work clothing, including long pants or a jumpsuit, and supportive footwear. A thermos or cooler for breaks is also recommended
Facility Advertised pricing
Online Registration $895.00 member $1,195.00 non-member
Walk-in Registration please call for pricing
Course Details
Course Code: CRRROCO
Course Length: 2 days (20 hrs.)

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