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School Bus Driver Workshop: Safety & Bus Operations - Distance Learning     
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School Bus Driver Workshop: Safety & Bus Operations

You are a professional driver and with that title comes a certain set of expectations. As a bus driver, you’re looked to as the expert and expected to have the knowledge to safely operate your vehicle and transport students. During this course, we’ll review safety best practices that can help you remove or reduce risk, and discuss unsafe behaviors to avoid behind the wheel. We’ll explore all of this while reviewing the details surrounding four real-life crashes, behaviors that led to the crashes and what could have prevented them.

Then, we’ll review the basics of bus operating systems so you have the tools to identify problems and avoid breakdowns. Topics will include performing proper vehicle inspections; best practices for setting and using mirrors and reference points; how air brakes and hydraulic brakes work; and correctly testing your brake system.

What is NDSC Distance Learning?
This virtual course is not pre-recorded. You’ll be virtually face-to-face with an instructor who will guide you and other students through an interactive digital training experience from the comfort of your office, home or wherever you are.

The NDSC has determined that cell phones will not be allowed as an acceptable device to attend our Distance Learning Sessions. You will need your cell phone available to scan and complete the evaluation, which is not possible to do if using it as your session viewing screen. Please be sure you can sign in using a Computer, Laptop or Tablet with a webcam or embedded camera and speakers.
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Registration $65.00 member/non-member
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Course Code: SBusSBO
Course Length: 3 hours

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