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H2S Clear for Energy - Distance Learning     
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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a hazard that creeps up on you. You can’t see it, and if the concentration is high enough, you can’t smell it. This toxic gas is colorless and collects in low lying areas. H2S is so powerful that it can kill you with one breath. It is known as the “Silent Killer”. H2S Clear for Energy arms workers with crucial knowledge of the dangers of H2S and the precautions, tools, and necessary actions for working around rigs, pipelines, refineries, storage tanks, tankers and terminals.

This course H2S Clear meets the revised standards set forth in the American National Standards Institute and American Society of Safety Engineers policy (ANSI/ASSE), as well as includes regulations and requirements set forth by OSHA, American Petroleum Institute (API), Bureau of Safety & Environmental (BSEE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Railroad Commission of Texas and various other regulatory agencies:

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 & CFR 1926 * API RP 49 * API RP 55 * BSEE 30 CFR 250.490 * MMS 250.490 * The Railroad Commission of Texas * ACGIH’s New TLV
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Course Code: HECClrDL
Course Length: 4 hours

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