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Violence Preparedness in the Workplace: What today's employees should know     
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Any company whose services involve public interaction should have personal safety training for their employees; basic security protocols in place; and a comprehensive emergency plan. During this course, attendees will learn emergency response principles outlined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and protocols to respond to an active shooter, knife attack or other physical assault.

Key takeaways will include:

• how to execute the Run, Hide, Fight protocol;
• identifying potentially violent behaviors in members of the public;
• how to determine the difference between an angry customer and someone who has the potential for violence;
• documenting known threats using best practices;
• and recommendations for security applications in front lobby areas.

Each attendee will receive a Workplace Security Self Assessment Checklist in addition to a free copy of the National Safety Council’s Emergency Gap Analysis that will help attendees determine their business’s level of emergency preparedness.

Customized Presentations Available

Looking for a course that addresses concerns specific to your industry? The NDSC’s security experts have created customized courses for:
•Customer Service

To request a course with customized content relevant to your employees, contact the NDSC at 701-223-6372.
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Course Code: VioPrep
Course Length: 2 hours

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