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DOT Compliance     
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Personnel responsible for managing commercial vehicles and drivers, such as Fleet Safety Managers, Driver Managers, Safety Supervisors, HR professionals and administrative support personnel, can benefit from this course. This workshop provides attendees an opportunity to learn from subject matter experts in the industry, but also allows them the opportunity to network with one another and develop connections to reach out to after the course.

The instructor will provide a detailed overview of the Compliance, Safety & Accountability (CSA) system, and training that is critical for carrier or fleet safety management including:

• Driver Qualifications Records (Driver File template included in course)
• Requirements to administer a DOT drug and alcohol program
• Hours of Service (HOS) requirements
• Reasonable Suspicion Programs and training requirements
• Vehicle inspection requirements
• Identification of out of service violations on Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV's)

Attendees will also receive in-depth training on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations including:

• Commercial vehicle seatbelt and texting laws
• All DOT recordkeeping requirements
• Driver drug and alcohol use
• Explanation of the compliance review and safety audit process
• CDL disqualifiers, including non-traffic violations
• Employer requirements for trip planning
• Proper load securement
• Driver harassment protocols
• CMV crash reporting requirements
• Safety fitness standard requirements

Attendees will receive an inclusive checklist of items that should be included in a CDL drivers file that will assist with compliance and hiring processes, handout with crash preventability examples for application in CSA and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in Paperback.
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Course Code: DOTCOMP
Course Length: 4 hours

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