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CPR/First Aid, Adult, Train-The-Trainer Course     
Course Information

This course is for those wanting to train their own employees.
If you wish to teach the general public, please contact us prior to registering.

Complete this two-day course and you will be certified to teach First Aid and CPR using the only nationally-recognized curriculum that meets all OSHA first aid requirements.

The NSC’s curriculum is applicable for industrial, office, and home settings, and includes 100 industry-specific scenarios giving you the ability to customize your presentations. Course topics include: breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults, infants and children; identifying and caring for bleeding, sudden illnesses and injuries; preventing disease transmission; and an introduction to AEDs. This course does not qualify for most medical certifications. Please contact our First Aid Coordinator at (701) 751-6107 with questions.

During the train-the-trainer course, learn new methods that involve, influence, and facilitate adult learning while refining teaching skills. Day one of the course will involve observing a full 5-hour CPR/AED/First Aid course, and day two all students will make a practice presentation to the class and learn presentation tips for improving retention.

Upon successful completion, you will receive the complete instructor resource kit including:
• Course DVD(s)
• Instructor Resource CDs and USB Drive
  o Instructor Manuals (PDF and Word)
  o PowerPoint that includes 100 industry-specific case scenarios
  o Video - Preparing to teach NSC First Aid Courses
  o 2015 Guidelines overview PowerPoint
  o Completion card template in PDF
  o Sample course completion card
• Instructor Manual
• Instructor Workbook
• Padfolio

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Student Training Materials
We’re here to support you throughout the whole training process, including providing you with easy access to all necessary training supplies. For a small investment, we can fully equip you to train your employees when and where you want.

What you’ll need to get started:
• Adult/Child Manikins, 5-pack, 2 students per manikin
  NDSC Members: $430 Non-Members: $440
• CPR/AED & First Aid Student Workbooks, 1 per student
  Includes the student workbook, First Aid Quick Guide, DVD refresher, and
CPR/AED & First Aid certificates
  NDSC Members: $14.45 Non-Members: $14.45
• AED Practi-Trainer, 1 per class
  NDSC Members: $150.00 Non-Members: $160.00
• Student First Aid Kits
  Includes triangular bandages, gauze pads, gloves, roller bandage, 1 per student
  NDSC Members: $1.25 Non-Members: $1.75
• Epi-Pen Trainer, 1 per class
  NDSC Members: $4.99 Non-Members: $5.99

NDSC Member Benefits
As an instructor, becoming a member of the NDSC offers several benefits that will improve your bottom line:
• $100 off your train-the-trainer registration fee – potentially paying for up to half of your annual membership fee!
• Up to 40% off training products
• Invoicing option
• And more!

Click here to see a full list of benefits.
Facility Advertised pricing
Registration $375.00 member $475.00 non-member
Course Details
Course Code: CPRFATTT
Course Length: 2 days (16 hrs.)

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